hello world. My name is sheldoncui. npm init name: sheldoncui version: 1.0.0 entry point: Master, China University of Geosciences address: Shenzhen, China company: Tencent, SNG qqvip git repository: https://github.com/cuiyongjian description: A FrontEnd Engineer contacts: websheldoncui@gmail.com https://cuiyongjian.com keywords: guitar geeker programmer license: MIT y npm install --save sheldoncui Successfully installed sheldoncui node var sheldon = require('sheldoncui'); var skills = ['JavaScript', 'HTML', 'CSS', 'C#', 'Node', 'jQuery', 'Vue.js', 'Webpack', 'Git', 'MongoDB', 'Stylus']; var experience = {libary:'a javascript libary with many language tools', node:'a cli command line tool to scaffding projects', demos:'many small repo released on Github', translation:'one of the main committers of cn.vuejs.org'}; skills.forEach(e => console.log(e)); for (let ex in experience){ console.log(ex + ': ' + experience[ex]);} For more information by https://www.cuiyongjian.com. Have a nice day!!!